Catering Services in Madison, WI

Here at Upstairs Downstairs Catering, we like to go above and beyond for our clients in Madison, WI, and Dane County. Therefore, we provide numerous helpful services to clients who require our catering. These are some of the extra services we offer aside from basic catering:

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Onsite Service

You can handle the catering items the way you see fit. That means you can choose to have us deliver them to you, or you can place your order and pick them up at your leisure. Additionally, you might want our staff members to come to the site and serve your guests. We promise to treat your guests with the highest level of courtesy and care. Just ask for our help, and we’ll arrange a visit and give you a quote for the service.


We have a bartender on staff who can attend your event and prepare drinks for those who desire them. These services are highly popular at events like bachelor and bachelorette parties and poolside gatherings. Our bartenders have extensive knowledge of mixed drinks and can prepare perfect cocktails to suit the occasion.

Chef Carving

We offer buffet-style service with chef carving as an added option. Your event will be much more respectable and memorable with a chef carving fresh meats at your buffet. Let us know if you would like to add this service to your order, and we will arrange for our seasoned chef to attend your event and carve for you and your guests.

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We can even offer a little assistance if you need help with your event planning. Sometimes, all you need is an extra person to offer an objective opinion about an event so that you can make the right decision. We can do that for you if you allow us to help.

Contact us during our convenient hours and speak to one of our staff members. Be frank about what you need and inquire about any custom services you require. We’ll find a way to help you make your event everlasting. Dial 608-256-4600 to start planning your catered events today.